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        Welcome to visit WEIFANG GUNAITE RUBBER CO.,LTD's website!

      About us

      Weifang Gunaite Rubber Co., Ltd. established in 1980, located in Weifang Shandong, which is the biggest produce province of tyre in China. We are a specialized tyre company engaged in development and sales rubber products of high quality, solid, durable and particular use. We own advanced production equipment and capacity that can meet the international standard, own the laboratory that well equipped. We carry out ISO9001 quality management system and execute ROHS instruction strictly. Operation ERP computerize management system. Apply six Sigma management to make sure that the production fraction defective less than 3.4/1,000,000. All of our products are insured with PICC to safeguarding the rights and interests of customer and consumer. We own a high quality product manager and customer manager team, can be the customer's intimate consultant. We grounded on ultimate of our industry and work at the long-term development of the rubber industry. We carry out the idea of provide guarantee production which make us win the domestic and internationa...
      Weifang knight of solid rubber co., LTD
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      Contact us

      TEL: 0086-536-2673555
      FAX: 0086-536-2718333
      Email : gntrubber@163.com
      Website: http://www.520read.com

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